Gundam base Tokyo "NEXT PHASE GUNPLA" updated today! "A-Z Gundam" & "Garbaldi Beta" for the first time!

"NEXT PHASE GUNPLA" booth in "GUNDAM BASE TOKYO" at the Gundam Modeling Center in Odaiba, Tokyo was updated on Friday, December 8th.
"NEXT PHASE GUNPLA" is an exhibition booth where the latest gundams are displayed for the first time anywhere.
This time it was published from "Gundam Build Fighters Batlogue" 5th episode which was started earlier in Amazon Prime Video from today "HGBF A-Z Gundam" and "HGUC Garbaldi β" from "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam". Various items such as reference exhibit Gundaman are also displayed in addition to the others.
Because it is an exhibition for a limited time, let's take this opportunity. The next exhibition update is scheduled for early January 2018.

[Place]Divercity Tokyo Plaza 7F(Aoyama, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 1-1-10)
[Hours]10:00 ~ 21:00