A large volume with a total height of about 85 mm! "FW CONVERGE EX 19 Devil Gundam final form" released today!

From Bandai Candy Division, the EX 19th "FW CONVERGE EX19 Devil Gundam final form" of the popular Shokugan series "FW GUNDAM CONVERGE" will be released today, December 18th (Monday) throughout the country toy stores, home appliance mass retailers, etc. The price is 3,456 yen (tax included).

■FW GUNDAM CONVERGE EX19 Devil Gundam Final Form Price:3,456 yen(Tax Included)

"Devil Gundam (final form)" appearing in "Mobile Fighter G Gundam" appeared in a large volume of about 85 mm in height.
Two types of opening hands are attached to the wrist parts, and it is possible to transform into parts of "Mobile Fighter form" and "Mobile Armor form" by parts replacement.
【set content】
○ Coloring model 1 body (all 1 type)
Devil Gundam
○ 1 gum