Held For The First Time at GBT! The “Gunpla Builders World Cup 2017” World Championship Finals Report

The world championship final match of the official Gundam Model World Assembly "Gundam Builders World Cup 2017" sponsored by Bandai was held on December 17 (Sun) at "Gundam Base Tokyo" in Odaiba, Tokyo.

A total of 28 works – 12 works in the Junior Course and 16 works in the Open Course – that won their preliminary competitions in 20 cities around the world from the 16 participating countries and regions were gathered in one place at the venue. With mechanical designer Mr. Kunio Okawara invited as a guest judge, the overall winners for first, second, and third place in each course as well as the “GUNDAM docks at TOKYO JAPAN Award” and the “Special Judge’s Award” were selected and awarded.


Now, we’ll introduce both the winning works and comments in one go.


■ Special Awards

[GUNDAM docks at TOKYO JAPAN Award] Koumajutsu
Builder: Kirin-Leigh Lewjuan Han / Australia

“We evaluated its unique world based on the diorama, which made the best of its large model kit. This was a build that conveys the entire piece’s high compositional ability with both the layout of the buildings and the figure.” (GUNDAM docks at TOKYO JAPAN)

[Special Judge’s Award] Sieg Zeon
Builder: Chen Jheng Yi / Taiwan


“While the latest Gundams have graphically become finer, the idea of Yasuhiko-style illustrations drawn on a normal Zaku was fresh and made me recall the good old times.” (Mechanical Designer Kunio Okawara) 

▲ From the left Mr. Kunio Okawara, Mr. Chen Jheng Yi, Mr. Kirin-Leigh Lewjuan Han, BANDAI Co., Ltd Tao CGO, and Meijin Kawaguchi.



■ Junior Course (14 years and younger)

[3rd Place] FATAL ATTACK
Builder: Lau Chun Hei / Hong Kong

“First, I would like to thank Bandai. Next, I am also thankful to the people around me, such as my family and friends, who supported me as well as the people that came to like my work.”
(Lau Chun Hei)


“I think that he was able to express the Iron-Blooded world through its unique arrangement and sense of balance very well. The mixing balance of Helmwige Reincar and Graze was also excellent.”
(Bandai Hobby Operations Department Akihiro Yasunaga)

[2nd Place] Endeavour
Builder: James Lim Yuan Soon / Malaysia

“There were many hardships at first, but I was able to complete (this build) because I had the support of my family and friends. Gunpla is a part of my life. I will keep trying my best.” (James Lim Yuan Soon)


“A diorama build is something that is able to simply explain its environment and more to its spectators; that came across in this work. The individuality of the Astray-based Gunpla was also enjoyable.” (Hobby Japan Editorial Department Editor-in-Chief Manabu Kimura)

[1st Place] Devil’s Contract – The Final Redemption
Builder: May Hata / Japan


“I have been entering this competition every year for seven years since 2011 and I’m so happy to have won gold in my final year. Thank you very much.” (May Hata)


“The paintwork and construction are a step, even two steps, above its category. The presentation of the weathering was also extremely diverse in its finish; I hope you continue creating builds and also challenge the open course.”
(Model Graphics Editorial Department Editor-in-Chief Tomoyasu Furuya)

▲ From the left, Tao CGO, Mr. James Lim Yuan Soon, Ms. May Hata, Mr. Lau Chun Hei, and Meijin Kawaguchi.



■ Open Course (15 years and older)

Builder: Wu XiaoHui / China


“GBWC is where dreams come true. I am grateful to Bandai and the judges.” (Wu XiaoHui)


“The world of the diorama, which used Dom, ready with its big gun on the upper tier, and human figures on the lower tier, was a magnificently represented the world of Thunderbolt. The way small accessories, such as the radio, was used was also wonderful.” (Bandai Hobby Operations Department Akihiro Yasunaga)

[2nd Place] FRX-300 Gundam Leonidas
Builder: Lui Chun / Hong Kong

“First, I am grateful to Bandai for holding such a competition. Next, I am grateful to my family, friends, and the people that supported Gunpla together with me.” (Lui Chun)


“He had a clear image of what he wanted to create, and that dynamism was fascinating. In spite of the enormous quantity of parts that are used, every part was carefully constructed and had a great impression.”
(Model Graphics Editorial Department Editor-in-Chief Tomoyasu Furuya)

[1st Place] Enemy Spotted
Builder: Mark Mediavillo /

“I didn’t think that I would be able to receive an award like this at all. I’m thankful to my family, friends, and the people that supported me. I will devote myself (to Gunpla) so I’ll also be able to return next year.” (Mark Mediavillo)


“The balance from its mixed build was unique and is a work you will really feel sophistication from. Along with its sinister-like presentation, the setting of the work is conveyed well by the right choice of parts in the right places and even with the Graze at its feet. I hope that you look at this work from the Graze’s viewpoint and can feel that overwhelming power.” (Hobby Japan Editorial Department Editor-in-Chief Manabu Kimura)

▲ From the left, Tao CGO, Mr. Lui Chun, Mr. Mark Mediavillo, Mr. Wu XiaoHui, and Meijin Kawaguchi.



After receiving the results, Meijin Kawaguchi summarized the competition with, “I believe that creating something while thinking about what you wish to create, the feeling that you wish to express, and the feelings of the people that will see your work is important. Be conscious of these things and I would definitely be happy to have (everyone here) enter next year as well.” Guest judge Mr. Okawara commented, “I actually don’t build plastic models that often, but I was shown truly great works today that have become great motivation for my future creative activities.” The competition then came to an end.
It was also announced at the end of the award ceremony that the hosting of the “Gunpla Builders World Cup 2018” has been decided. Definitely please check out this year’s representative works from around the world and plan out ideas for the build you’ll enter next year.


Additionally, the scores for each of the works in this competition have been officially announced, so definitely check out the RESULT page on the official Gunpla Builders World Cup website.


▲ A photo session with the winners of the Junior and Open Courses.


The representative works from each country that participated in this competition will be displayed for a limited period until January 29th, 2018 (Mon) at the GUNDAM BASE TOKYO in Odaiba, Tokyo. Definitely come and visit if you’d like to take a closer look at these works.



( Editorial Department)