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Hobby Japan February 2018

On sale December 25, 2017 (Mon)
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<Opening Feature>
What You’ll Want to Know Beforehand – The Latest Airbrush News 2018



Does everyone paint with an airbrush? Although the model scene currently has their attention drawn by brush-painted finishes with the use of high performance water-based paints, the “righteous king” of model painting is still the airbrush! Even a vast majority of the creations among the competition entries of the “ALL JAPAN ORA-ZAKU CHAMPIONSHIPS” featured in last month’s issue had airbrush-painted finishes.
For this month’s opening feature, we’ll report the latest airbrush news along with once again going into fundamental contents. How about searching for an airbrush once more for your hobby life in 2018?


<Feature 2>
Commemorating the Premiere of The Final Chapter Episode 1: Girls und Panzer: The Final Chapter



With excitement from the screening of the first episode of The Final Chapter series lingering in the air, we’ll use this timing to bring you a Girls und Panzer feature. This feature will be a commentary on the tanks, Renault FT-17 and Somua S35, that appeared in the first episode with models. We will also introduce Hobby Japan’s recommended Girls und Panzer tank models out of the models that have released thus far. This will be a feature that those that will enjoy Girls und Panzer models in the future will also be happy with.
Well? “Panzer vor!!”


<Feature 3>
A Thorough Analysis of PERFECT GRADE “GN-001 Gundam Exia!!”



“GN-001 Gundam Exia”, the latest product from the most prominent Gunpla brand PERFECT GRADE (PG), has finally released. This product, which is the third installment of the GUNPLA EVOLUTION PROJECT, has adopted lights emitting, created with newly designed LED units, as its evolution point. In this month’s issue, we’ll formally introduce the specifications of the kit. We’ll thoroughly analyze the charms of PG Exia from the configuration of its runners, the structure of its frame, to the ins and outs of its light emitting form.


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Mai Shiranui, a female ninja of the Shiranui-ryuu Ninjutsu Style, is being released as a figure in her design from the latest release in the KOF series, THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV!


Her characteristic outfit, one that you will know is Mai’s at a glance, has been faithfully recreated down to the floral patterns, her greatest characteristic in KOFXIV. Mai’s super impressive body, which you can catch glimpses of from under her outfit, has been carefully molded from her body line down to the figure’s volume. Her large 1/6 scale produces a spectacular volume and it is because of that volume that the gaps in her outfit are formed. These features and more make this a figure with many highlights.
Definitely please check Mai Shiranui’s impressive molding, created as a model with the latest specifications, for yourself!


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The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2: White Gown Goddess Lisa



White Gown Goddess Risa from The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2, a dark fantasy action RPG made using the best software in Japan, is being released by AMAKUNI. Her lightning-like blonde hair has been recreated with color modulation. She is full of dramatic molds such as her inviting fingertips, her captivating bodyline that peeks out from her nurse outfit, and a drill that dynamically smashes into the rocks at her feet like a scene out of the game. Her skin was implemented with a “sleek feel” that is unlike that of a figure’s thanks to being manufactured with the special Smooth Skin process.
Definitely please welcome the cute White Gown Goddess Risa brought to you by AMAKUNI to your collection.




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