A wide range of motion is realized by the frame mechanism! "Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame 02" Being released in April 2018!

■Mobile Suit G Frame 02 to be released in April 2018 / 500 yen each (tax excluded)
The second set of high-detail movable Gundam figure "Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame" completed by wearing an armor in the frame will be released in April 2018. Each is 500 yen (excluding tax).
"Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame" realizes a wide range of motion by the frame mechanism, with various posing possible. The total height is about 110 mm, big size, "Armor set" comes with hanger parts for armor that can be displayed separately, "Armor set" includes arms and bust units for each MS in the "frame set".
The second line includes "Ζ Gundam", "Dom", "Gundam No. 6" lineup.
【set content】
○ Coloring model 1 body (6 types in total)
· Z Gundam Armor Set (Armor Parts / Non-movable Hanger Parts)
· Z Gundam Frame Set (Bust / Weapon Set / Movable Frame)
· Dom Armor Set (Armor Parts / Non-movable Hanger Parts)
· Dom frame set (bust / weapon set / movable frame)
· Gundam Unit 6 Armor Set (Armor Parts / Non-movable Hanger Parts)
· Gundam Unit 6 Frame Set (Bust / Weapon Set / Movable Frame)
○ Gum (soda flavor) 1 piece
In addition, premium Bandai's "Candy Online Shop" started accepting reservations for 10 sets of all varieties all in one set today.
■Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame 02(10 pieces)
Price: 5,400 yen (tax included)
Product shipment: Scheduled for April 2018
※ Only sold as a set.
* All sets are aligned with one set, but some may overlap.
※ Handling start date of products at shop front may vary depending on stores.
※ The image may differ slightly from the actual product.