"Monthly Gundam Ace 2018 February issue" released today!


Monthly Gundam Ace February 2018 issue

Release on December 26, 2017

Special list price: 700 yen (tax included)


■ 2018 New Year's gift for 253 people!
Three-dimensional objects such as figures, centered on Gundams, goods and special polo rides, photographs, luxurious lucky bags with games, many special items this time as well. Since it is a super expansion giveaway that total 253 people, the probability of winning is up greatly! Please apply!
At the rescue of death, to the universe at the time! "Mobile Suit Zero MOON Gundam"
Story: Harukoshi Fukui, manga: Takaya Takayuki, mechanic design: Ippei Shape
The figure of Jutta in our warrior squad! There is an endower in Atalant 3 -!
■ The previous episode - episode 3! "Mobile Suit Gundam UC Bandesine Episode: 0"
Story: Harukoshi Fukui, Comicallize: Kozo Omori, Original Character Design: Yoshihiko Yoshihiko, Mechanic Design: Kataki Hajime, Original: Hajime Yaiti, Yoshiyuki Tomino
This house, full of C - 4 (plastic bomb). - "God Killing" Carlos, munitions company Anaheim, and that man of Neo Zion collaborate!
"Mobile Suit Gundam Walpurgis" Manga: Kyushu Hiyon, Screenplay: Marine Winter Rage
Angry Wand 35P! Mashiro's riding white diamonds suddenly become a new MS! Owlon! Unleash the secret power! The dead and witch's festival continues ...
■ Von Phark sprung in the year 2314 AD for the first time! "Mobile Suit Gundam 00F 2314"
Manga: Kureichi Tokita, Scenario: Tomohiro Chiba (Studio Orphe)
"Gundam 00" 10th anniversary & METAL BILD "ASTRAYER TYPE F" release commemoration reading 32P!