Report on the “THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO POP-UP EVENT” currently held in Tokyo Solamachi!

“THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO”’s pop-up event held in Tokyo Solamachi, a department store next to the Tokyo Skytree, opens on December 26th (Tuesday).

On the event space (5F), five corners are available, each displaying various contents such as gunpla history,  the latest items and even introducing the manufacturer with the Bandai Hobby Centre. Also, there are many Gundam Base Exclusive gunpla and event exclusives on sale!

Standing in Odaiba’s Diver City Plaza, the “On scale Unicorn Gundam Statue” diorama.  

A corner dedicated to Universal Century series’ protagonists and the history of gunpla’s grades!

▲Enjoy the intensity of the 1/10 scale statue of all the facets of the Unicorn Gundam’s gunpla!    

▲Costumed examples of “Let’s build Gunpla!” showing the work of Master Kawaguchi, and also the equipment from Gundam Base Tokyo! 

▲On display, the newest item currently on pre-order on Premium Bandai! A chance to check out the real thing!   

▲A novelty for the new year! Enjoy its debut!  

▲ The men’s apparel “STRICT-G” corner add a new line of clothes and put on display a part the items for the “Gundam 00 Fair” that will be on sale from mid January 2018!       

▲ Look at how many limited edition gunplas are assembled here!  

▲They’re all on sale in the shop centre! Grab the ones you’re interested in!

▲The plastic model of the Tokyo Skytree is on sale too! Don’t miss it! 

“THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO POP-UP EVENT” is open until January 8 2018 (Monday - festive), and on New Year a limited quantity of “Fun Bags” will be available for purchase.

In addition, you can witness a 1/1 scale Gundam head on display on the same floor of the exhibition, in the ninth section, while on floor four - tenth section you’ll find the STRICT-G Tokyo Solamachi branch.


Spend the new year at the Tokyo Solamachi, discovering the world of Gunpla!

For more information on the items on sale, check the Bandai Hobby official page.




[Exhibition schedule] December 26th 2017 (Tuesday) - January 8th 2018 (Monday - Festive)

[Opening hours] 10:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M (Last visit available at  6:00 P.M.)

[Place] Tokyo Solamachi 5F 11 section, space 634 (Tokyo-to, Sumida-ku, Oshiage 1-1-2)

[Entrance] Free