The latest "Gundam Model" lineup released in January 2018!

■ HG 1/144 Act · Zaku (Kycilia unit) released on January 20, 2018 / 2,160 yen (tax included)
From the mechanical reasoning plan "MSD (Mobile Suit Discovery)" of the stage of the world view of "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN", the high performance MS "Act Zak" was developed based on Zaku II at the end of the one year war. "Pizzon plan" led the XGIer unit specifications to HG! The "Crest" of the head which is the characteristic of the machine belonging to the Kycilia unit is reproduced by the new modeling, and comes with 4 machine guns and 2 exclusive heat · Hawk!

■ HGBF 1/144 Striker Jinx released on January 20, 2018 / 2,160 yen (tax included)
"Gundam Build Fighters Batlog" The new aircraft "Striker Jinx" appearing in episode 4 becomes three-dimensional with HGBF! In addition to a heavy additional armor reminiscent of full armor, the armored parts such as the defense rod and the head are reproduced by new shaping! In addition, customized armor can be premoved and reproduced easily! The newly attached large rifle has a structure that can be held with both hands by grip, and dynamic shooting poses are possible!

■ HGPG 1/144 Petit Guy Allelujah · Baptism Orange & Placard released in January 2018/540 yen (tax included)
Along with the 10th anniversary of "Mobile Suit Gundam 00", Gundam Meister Color Petit Guy has appeared, which is designed to replicate the pilot suit of "Allelujah · Baptism"! In addition to the seal of the pilot suit pasted on the fuselage, a seal stating the speech of the characters is on the placard is included! A bonus sticker that can be affixed to various places is included, also!

■ Gundam Decal No. 115 RG 1/144 For Sinanju
■ Gundam Decal No. 116 RG 1/144 MS-06R General purpose ①
■ Gundam Decal No. 117 RG 1/144 For Double O Quanta
■ Gundam Decal No. 118 MG 1/100 Jim · Sniper II / For Jim · Command
■ Gundam Decal No. 119 Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN General Purpose ③
■ Gundam Decal No.120 Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden THE BLUE DESTINY General Purpose ①
Release in January 2018/432 yen each (tax included)
Boasting a line-up of over 100 points, the sequel of the most popular Gundam decal appears! It is a versatile water transfer decal that can be used on all scales, and in addition to "For Shinanju", "MS-06R general purpose ①" and "Double O Quanta" from the RG series, "MG Jim · Sniper II / Jim · Command "," THE ORIGIN general purpose ③ "," THE BLUE DESTINY general purpose ① " see all six kinds of decals!
※ The action base is sold separately.