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GUNDAM MEN'S APPAREL “STRICT-G” at LOT10 (Malaysia Kuala Lumpur)

STRICT-G at LOT10 (Malaysia KL)

STRICT-G, which develops genuine Gundam men’s apparel in Japan, has begun to sell their products on the 1F Fantasy floor of LOT10. The shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia opened on October 27th (Thurs), 2016 after renovating the entire complex. STRICT-G advocates care towards craftsmanship and ISETAN’s (The Japan Store) concept slogan “this is JAPAN” is a form of what STRICT-G endorses.
STRICT-G has created collaborations with leading brands in addition to their original apparel such as Yoshida &CO., LD, mastermind JAPAN, and KAMAWANU and the store offers various items. Please go to the shopping centre if you would like to experience Japan’s craftsmanship and the world of Gundam.

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STRICT-G  recommended items

① STRICT-G Limited T-shirts  (MYR300)

This t-shirt is in commemoration of the opening of the LOT10 branch and will be sold at the store first before being sold world-wide. When set up with the included hanger, it becomes 1/200 on the GUNPLA scale and is STRICT-G’s featured product!

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② PORTER  (MYR500~1600)

A collaboration with the well-known PORTER series. The badges are based off the image colors of the Federation Forces, Char’s Zaku, and the general purpose Zaku and expresses the world of Gundam. The badges can be removed.

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