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Revealing “METAL ROBOT TAMASHII 00 RAISER!” Mobile Suit Gundam 00’s 10th anniversary since its broadcast!


Mobile Suit Gundam 00 will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next year in 2017. It is a popular work depicted in a grand scale: it begins with armed intervention from Gundams, the unification of Earth, and even going as far as to conversing with extraterrestrial lifeforms on their future arrival. 00 RAISER, the leading suit in the series, will be released in May 2017 as “METAL ROBOT TAMASHII 00 RAISER!” METAL ROBOT TAMASHII is a fully painted action figure furnished with a heavy feel and texture due to its die-cast parts. 00 RAISER is the combined unit of the 00 Gundam and support craft 0 RAISER. Naturally, the METAL ROBOT TAMASHII series has recreated the combining of the two crafts through a gimmick. This is an appropriate product to release for Mobile Suit Gundam 00’s 10th anniversary and can surely be said to become 00’s best product of its kind.



METAL ROBOT TAMASHII 00 RAISER is at a proportion that has taken into consideration the setting of the anime series. Responsible for the design is Mr. Ryo Sakano, who had his hand in series such as “Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar,” “Super Robot Chogokin,” and the ROBOT TAMASHII series. Mr. Sakano’s specialty is in “recreating series” in mainstream culture by recreating the balance of anime through the length of the model’s body and limbs. The model’s limbs have a wide range in movability and allows the degree in which action poses can be replicated to be high. It is in 1/144 scale with its overall height being at 130mm, making it collection size. 00 Gundam is recreated through the touch of details suitable for its scale, the effective edge molding, and its characteristic markings. 


■ 00 Gundam + 0 RAISER’s separate and combined forms

n the series, 00 Gundam combines with 0 RAISER to securely operate its twin energy sources, the “Twin Drive,” and becomes the 00 RAISER. METAL ROBOT TAMASHII is faithful in its recreation of the mechanism that combines and separates the two crafts. Various armaments including the GN Sword II and gimmicks have also been recreated in this model.

▲ The GN Shield and GN Sword II. The GN Shield can be attached. The GN Sword II can recreate its “sword mode,” “rifle mode,” as well as the twin attachment “twin lance mode.”

▲ The 00 RAISER’s main armament GN Sword III comes in “sword mode” or “rifle mode.” Effect parts are also included, making it possible to recreate the large beam sword “Raiser Sword!”



■ 00 RAISER looks great when posing


The model’s anime proportions and wide range in movability make it possible to recreate the suit’s poses from the series. The METAL ROBOT TAMASHII 00 RAISER is a robot action figure that will look great when put into action poses. It’s a product that you will want to get your hands on for the 10th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.


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