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“Gunpla EXPO in FUKUOKA” is Currently Being Held at Fukuoka Parco! The Latest Gunpla All in One Place!


“Gunpla EXPO in FUKUOKA”, an event where you can experience the fun in building Gunpla even more personally, is currently a popular event being held at Fukuoka Parco.


The event features various Gunpla and dioramas that have opened displays in multiple locations in the building. The latest products that are scheduled to release in the future and a special exhibit corner featuring producing materials of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, which had its 10th anniversary since its debut broadcast this year, are also being featured at the event.
Furthermore, the builds of the “Gunpla Builders’ World Cup (GBWC)” Japan tournament champions and “Gunpla Supporters”, produced and colored by artists and TV personalities, are also on display.
The “Gunpla Assembly Experience Meeting” and the sales of the limited Gunpla, starting from “HGUC BARZAM [CLEAR COLOR]”, are also being held at the event, resulting in the event enjoying great success. 


Without further ado, let’s go into the report on the event.  

▲ A lineup of the Gunpla from the Gundam Build Fighters series!

▲ There are also several displays of the latest products scheduled to release in the future! 

▲ Products that are currently available for preorder on Premium Bandai are also on display! Definitely check out the actual products in person at the event! 

▲ A “Special Artwork Gallery” is open in commemoration of Mobile Suit Gundam 00’s 10th anniversary since its debut broadcast! 

▲ “Gunpla Supporters”, works and builds by celebrities, are also currently on display

▲ The builds from the winners of the “Gunpla Builders’ World Cup” are also on display!    

▲ Impressive dioramas that recreate famous scenes from the series!    

▲ Limited Gunpla are also being sold at the venue! Definitely please come and visit the event!



“Gunpla EXPO in FUKUOKA” is currently being held at Fukuoka Parco until January 21, 2018 (Sun). It is a free to enter event, so feel free to visit if you live nearby.
For more details on the event, please read the event page on the Bandai Hobby website. 


▼ Bandai Hobby Website | Gunpla EXPO in FUKUOKA

[Schedule] December 28, 2017 (Thurs) – January 21, 2018 (Sun)
[Venue] Fukuoka Parco Main Building 8F “Parco Factory”
[Admission Fee] Free

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