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"Movie version Mobile Suit Gundam 00" comes back to 4DX! Limited screening decision in March!


At nationwide United Cinema 4 DX 18 Theaters, a special feature entitled "SUNRISE 4 DX COLLECTION" and "Movie version Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - Awakening of the Trailblazer -" will be screened in March.
The sensory type attraction theater 4 DX moves the seat back and forth, right and left, up and down according to the scene of the movie, and produces a real shock by vibrating.
Also, as a special effect, "Mist" falling on the face and body, real "smoke" which makes the image of smoke and mist, "flash" flashing instantly in the theater, and "fragrance" - You can enjoy a movie experience as if you are in a story.
In addition to "Gundam 00", "Theater Version Crusher Joe" and "Armored Trooper Votoms Pailsen Files' Theater Version" will also be screened. Let's go see it by all means.

For details, please visit the United Cinema Website.


SUNRISE 4DX COLLECTION / Sunrise 4DX Collection
Screening period
March 3, 2018 (Saturday) ~ Screening start period will be different depending on the theater.
Screened work
○ Movie version Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - A wakening of the Trailblazer - (2010) 10th anniversary of TV broadcasting start
○ Theatrical version Crusher Joe (1983) The 35th anniversary of the theatrical release
○ Armored Trooper Votoms Pailsen Files' Theater Version (2008) 35th anniversary of TV broadcasting & 10th anniversary of the theatrical release
Screening Theater
United · Cinema 4 DX Theater 18 Theater
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