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A collaboration with Toyota to bring the Char Custom Auris to market! Zeonic Toyota is established today!


Toyota Marketing Japan, following Toyota Motor Corporation's decision to consider offering the Char Custom Auris as a mass-market product, has embarked on a new project. The "virtual company" Zeonic Toyota, conceived as a joint venture between Zeonic and Toyota, was established January 9th.

This project, targeted at bringing the Char Custom Auris Concept unveiled last August to market, will establish a "Zeonic Toyota" online where users can participate as virtual "employees".
Zeonic Toyota employees can share ideas and insight through the site, which will allow two-way communication and a social impact on future campaigns.

Employees are also eligible for a range of Zeonic Toyota items, including stays at the Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba Room-G Special Type and more in a rewards program beginning today.

▲ Char Custom Auris Concept

▲ "Zeonic Toyota" logo
▲ The Char Custom Auris special page

▲ Employee page
▲ The Zeonic Toyota Facebook account (zeonictoyota)

With an aim towards a 2013 launch, the first step is conducting market feasibility studies on the concept car parts produced by Toyota Modellista.
Sign up, and become a Zeonic Toyota employee!

You can also test-drive an Auris at Netz dealerships nationwide beginning January 12th to receive an exclusive cushion.

For more details, visit the Char Custom Auris official site.

Actor Shuichi Ikeda, voice of Char, and comedian Numacchi were also present at the Zeonic Toyota Founding Press Conference held today. A full report is coming soon! Keep an eye out for more info!

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