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The AMURO STYLE line of apparel inspired by Amuro Ray's sense of style arrives at STRICT-G April 6th!


The Gundam-infused men's apparel brand STRICT-G introduces AMURO STYLE, a line of clothing inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam protagonist Amuro Ray's sense of style, beginning April 6th.
This season's theme is styling and details inspired by Amuro Ray, combined with vintage cues and a sense of playfulness to create original yet practical designs.
Only the finest materials are used to create high-quality casual wear. Whether you're a Gundam fan or a connoisseur of fashion, you won't want to miss these items.

DESERT COAT: ¥39,900 /  V-NECK T-SHIRT: ¥6,090
KNIT CARDIGAN: ¥17,850 / SHORT PANTS: ¥15,225

AMURO STYLE's iconic style. Inspired by Amuro's desert mantle, this nep denim coat features a removable hood and can be worn as a Soutien collar coat. The hood and jacket liners deliver both smooth movement and playful style with a blue Haro dot print.
Here, it's seen coordinated with a cotton-hemp cardigan in mustard, the color of Amuro's turtleneck. The bottoms, border pants in a vintage-style cotton reminiscent of Amuro's trunks, give off a rough and tough, manly image.

M-65: ¥33,600 / INDIGO CHAMBRAY SHIRT: ¥24,990
SHORT PANTS: ¥14,595

Based on Federation-issue uniforms. The functional, stylish M-65, renowned as the ultimate field jacket, is paired with short pants in this STRICT-G twist on military style. This jacket, made of vintage-style materials, also carries a (Velcro) Federation patch on its left sleeve for added presence.
Layered over a mature, glossy, and unmistakably Amuro shirt, it pairs with bottoms in a soft yet roughhewn nep denim.

PARKA: ¥27,510 / OXFORD SHIRT: ¥17,115

An up-styled sweat ensemble based on Federation normal suits. The parka cuffs, hood, and shoulders, along with the pants waist, cuffs, and seams, are made of synthetic fiber to match a normal suit's pattern.
A rayon fleece lining gives it a soft, fluffy inner feel. Layer it over a dressy, businesslike oxford with Gundam-inspired colors at the elbows and sleeve plackets for a modern look.

G-JACKET: ¥33,600 / V-NECK PULLOVER KNIT: ¥14,700
DENIM PANTS: ¥23,940

This denim jacket covers the buttons, just like Amuro's. The pants also feature his distinctive back pocket design, and are cut for both comfortable fit and slim silhouette.
Rope-dyed denim and a soft, warm inner surface make these items stand out. The lived-in denim-on-denim combination gives way to a simple, light knit. Bring the iconic U.C. denim outfit into the modern era!

For more info on these and other items, visit the STRICT-G official site.

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