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"Reconguista in G" theatrical previews begin in August, to be followed by streaming and a TV run! Plus a new trailer!


The latest news on Director Yoshiyuki Tomino's long-awaited Gundam Reconguista in G has been announced.

The show, set to premiere in Fall 2014, will have special preview screenings in 13 theaters across Japan beginning August 23rd and streamed previews from "d Anime Store" beginning September 8th before making its television premiere this October as part of MBS's "Animeism" programming block.
The previews will show episodes 1–3.

The G-Reco official has also updated with info on the story, cast, characters, and mecha, and we've got the rundown here for your convenience.
But first, let's get started with a second trailer for the show!


Release schedule

Internet streaming
Special advance streams of episodes 1–3 will be available on the d Anime Store.

September 8th–September 30th, 2014

Broadcast will begin this October on MBS and affiliates in the "Animeism" block.


The Universal Century, a century  of historic migration into space and space wars has ended, and some time has passed.

Now, mankind believes that their pursuits and prosperity will continue on peacefully into the new era, the Regild Century (R.C.)

R.C. 1014.
The Capital Tower is a space elevator connecting Earth to space and which towers over the land. The tower brings down from space Photon Batteries that power the Earth, and so is perceived as a holy place.
Bellri Zenam is a cadet in the Capital Guard which exists to protect the Capital Tower. In the middle of his first practice mission, he is attacked by the high-performance G-Self mobile suit, which uses technology possessed by no known nation.
Bellri engages with the work-model mobile suit Recten and successfully captures the G-Self.
But Bellri finds himself feeling strange emotions towards the girl who was piloting the G-Self, a Space Pirate called Aida Rayhunton.
As he does towards the G-Self which he believes he has never seen before.
And then, the G-Self, which is only supposed to be operable under specific circumstances, begins to activate.
Lying in wait behind the Space Pirate and Aida’s attack on the Capital Tower and the destiny of Bellri, now chosen by the G-Self, are truths which will shake the entire Regild Century.

And it is all just the beginning of Reconguista.


Capital Territory

Bellri Zenam (CV: Mark Ishii)
A cadet in the training school of the Capital Guard which protects the Capital Tower. He is incredibly talented, and has skipped ahead two grades.
Falling in love with Aida at first sight, Bellri ends up fighting alongside the pirates against the Capital Army. He is one of the three people able to pilot the G-Self.
Noredo Nug (CV: Minako Kotobuki)
A student at Saint Flower Academy, and a member of the cheerleading team. She is fond of Bellri so she’s always around him. She has a caring personality and ends up looking after Raraiya when she loses her memory.
Luin Lee (CV: Takuya Sato)
A cadet at the Capital Guard training school. He is a top performer who is head of the class. He has a mature and caring personality, but being a Kuntala he feels a sense of debt. He is Manny’s boyfriend.
Raraiya Monday (CV: Yukari Fukui)
A mysterious girl who suddenly appeared on the Earth in the G-Self. She loses her memory, and because she was rescued by Captain Dellensen of the Capital Guard on a Monday, she is named after that day. She is one of the three people able to pilot the G-Self.
Manny Ambassada (CV: Ayahi Takagaki)
Luin’s girlfriend. She also attends Saint Flower Academy along with Noredo and is a cheerleader.
An environment-checking robot known as a HAROBE. It was given to Noredo by Bellri, so it got its name from both of theirs put together. It is very attached to Bellri.

Capital Guard

Dellensen Samatar
He was a teacher at the Capital Guard training school, but he gets summoned to serve in the Capital Army. He takes on the Pirates in the Catsith and Elf Bull.
Kerbes Yoh
A teacher at the Capital Guard training school and subordinate of Dellensen. He pilots the Recksnow mobile suit.

Pirate Corps

Aida Surugan (CV: Yu Shimamura)
A girl who has joined the Amerian pirates.
Aida joins an operation to steal Photon Batteries with the G-Self which came from Raraiya. The operation fails however, and she is captured by Bellri.
She uses the alias Aida Rayhunton when captured, but there is a secret behind her origins.   
Cahill Saint
Orchestrator of the operation to conquer the Capital Tower. He tries to rescue Aida after she is captured by the Capital Guard.
Klim Nick (CV: Ryota Osaka)
Son of the Amerian president, and a highly ambitious youth with amazing mobile suit piloting skills. He joins the Pirates, and piloting the Montero, he commences the plan to rescue Aida.


A mysterious mobile suit not belonging to any known country. It only activates under specific conditions, and Bellri, Aida and Raraiya are the only ones who can pilot it. It is a generalized mobile suit that can deal with various situations by equipping various types of backpacks. The G-Self’s color also changes depending on the backpack used.
Space backpack … This was developed by Ameria , but for some reason worked with the G-Self.
Atmospheric pack … A backpack for use in environments with an atmosphere.

A flight mobile suit used by the Capital Army. It has gigantic wings on its back and can fly when they are spread.

A mobile suit for inspection and maintenance of the Capital Tower. It can be equipped with special arms for multiple situations.

A mass-produced mobile suit operated by the pirates.

A blue mobile suit piloted by Klim Nick of the Pirates. It is equipped with a special weapon called a Beam Javelin.


Aida’s personal mobile suit used by the Pirates. It is a so-called G-Class mobile suit, built from the Rose of Hermes Blueprints. It is equipped with a high-power anti-ship beam rifle.

HG Gunpla announced too!
Gundam Reconguista in G Gunpla were also announced.
The "HG G-Self (working name)" will release in 2014 at a price of ¥1,600 (tax not included).

In addition, the official site has updated with a "Glossary" segment giving background detail on the world of G-Reco. Visit the official site and check it out!

Gundam Reconguista in G Official Site > Glossary

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