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A new Gunpla brand launches! The "High Resolution Model Gundam Barbatos" goes on sale this March!


The Gundam Barbatos, lead mobile suit of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, will be the inaugural entry in the new "High-Resolution Model" line of Gunpla launching this March. MSRP of the kit will be ¥17,280.

The High-Resolution Model line will feature ultra-precise renditions, beginning with a multi-material complete Gundam Frame in this kit.

Alloy parts will be used in joints to enhance steadiness and allow for stable posing. Other alloy parts will also be used, gleaming beneath the armor and adding a sense of weight and realism. Mechanical details include functional piston-cylinder couplings.

The external armor will be based on the hypothetical properties of the in-show nano-laminate armor. The seven included parts runners will receive plating, metallic, pearlescent, and other coats to evoke a realistic feel. Along with smoothbore cannon and sword, it will also include open manipulators for a variety of posing options.

▲ The included frame, which ships already-completed, uses alloy joint parts for firm, steady poses.

▲ Pearlescent, matte gold plated, clear metallic, and more finishes add realism to the armor parts!

▲ Fine details peek out from below the armor plating! Enjoy expressive posing, too!

For more info, check out Bandai Hobby Site.

Bandai Hobby Site | High-Resolution Model Gundam Barbatos

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