Gundam Helios

A Gunpla created by combining elements of different Gundams. It was named after the sun god Helios due to its appearance when it deploys its huge wings and releases its fins, and the dazzling radiance emitted from the clear parts all over its body.

Blazing Gundam

Just as the Rising Gundam is a sibling machine to the Shining Gundam, this Gunpla was customized with the concept of a sibling machine to the God Gundam. The weight of this ultra-fast close combat machine is drastically reduced from the base God Gundam.

Gundam Perfect Strike Freedom

A Gunpla based on the Strike Freedom Gundam, which includes the functionality of the Perfect Strike Gundam. Its sword and launcher use a connection gimmick that enables more powerful shooting and close-combat attacks.

Gundam Livelance Heaven

Based on the Gundam Deathscythe Hell, this Gunpla was customized with a design and coloring reminiscent of an angel, the exact opposite of its original Grim Reaper motif. Its unfolded active cloak turns into six huge wings.

Gundam 00 Command Qan[T]

A customized Gunpla which adds elements of the SD Command Gundam to the 00 Qan[T]. As well as improved defenses thanks to its extra armor, it has many new weapons designed for both long- and short-range use, enabling it to fight in any situation.

Gundam Barbataurus

A Gunpla customized from the Gundam Barbatos. Connecting two Gundam Frames together transformed it into a four-legged silhouette with a centaur motif.