GUNDAM BUILD REAL – Episode 1 “Reunion”

Our protagonist Hiro created Team BRIGHT along with his friends when they were in elementary school. The team received much attention, especially weapons expert Sota, but their Gunpla (the 78) disappeared on the day before the tournament, leading them to quarrel and split up. Now, four years later, the former group record-keeper Imaizumi sends the other members a video and they meet at their old school. However, Imaizumi isn't there, and Hiro and his friends find something else instead...

Series Overview

In a world where e-sports are more popular than ever, "Gundam Battle" is the most popular of all. Teams scan and control their own Gunpla, which are then holographically projected into the real world to do battle. The pilot Hiro, builder Takumi, programmer Kentaro, commander Nakamaru, and weapons expert Sota compete to reach the national championships. What dangers await them on their youthful quest? Through partings with friends, and clashes with rivals, this coming-of-age drama shows how these high-schoolers learn and grow on the Gunpla battlefield, with dreams and friendship in their hearts.

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