2018.05.07 (MON)

The Black Tri-Stars & Ramba Ral! “THE ORIGIN: Rise of the Red Comet” Eve of Screening Event Report

The screening has finally begun! Attendees will be given illustrated mini autograph boards (10 variations) drawn by the creative team that will change each week!


The Eve of Screening event for Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN: Rise of the Red Comet, which is currently screening at 35 theaters nationwide, took place in Tokyo, Aichi, and Osaka on May 4th(Fri, holiday) ahead of the scheduled screenings.


Episode 6 had been shown ahead of its scheduled screening and reprinted keyframes were distributed to attendees at the eve event. Stage greetings were also held at Shinjuku Piccadilly in Tokyo with the voices of the Black Tri-Stars – Mr. Kazuya Ichijo (Gaia), Mr. Toshihide Tsuchiya (Mash), and Mr. Kenichiro Matsuda (Ortega) – as well as Mr. Shigeo Kiyama, voice of Ramba Ral, and Producer Osamu Taniguchi appearing as guests. 


Once the episode 6 screening was over and the guests went up on stage, Mr. Ichijo, Mr. Tsuchiya, and Mr. Matsuda immediately performed the line “Jet Stream Attack!” Various talks were opened concerning the series and episode with Mr. Kiyama acting as the MC of the event. 



First, the guests each spoke about their inner thoughts concerning the approach of the first day of the screening. “I was really looking forward to it when I heard that there would be a Battle of Loum arc, so it’s deeply overwhelming to finally be approaching the screening of the episode.” (Ichijo) “This is a series that the production staff and voice actors have devoted to creating with all our hearts and attention, so I hope that as many people as possible watch this series.” (Tsuchiya)



“When I think of the Black Tri-Stars, I think of their claim to fame during the Battle of Loum. I’m moved by the fact that this story has once again been made into an anime and is being shown on such a large screen. It is an honor to be able to appear in a series produced and created together by those that created the original Gundam and those that watched the series (growing up).” (Matsuda)


Producer Taniguchi also revealed his feelings of loneliness, “It’s also sad that the screenings are coming to an end with this event,” he then commented with a smile, “I hope to enjoy the next month starting from tomorrow with everyone.”

When asked about the efforts of the characters they acted, Mr. Matsuda replied, content, “It would be when they charged into the Federation battleship. It’s because it was a great scene for the Black Tri-stars where we were the ones that captured Revil. Up until now, this was the scene we shouted the most in.”

Mr. Tsuchiya replied, “As we established the personalities of these three characters during recordings, I voiced Mash with the idea that he would lose control of himself when it came to battles. The fact that I didn’t receive NGs, but instead received oks for the lines I acted in this fervent state, despite my voice cracking, was very memorable.” Mr. Ichijo also revealed his thoughts on his character, “Gaia is incredibly happy to be able to fight; rather than calling him a leader, I would say he is addicted to war. I purposely acted crudely in scenes where he would give out various instructions.”


Mr. Ichijo said in response to a question on the scenes he hoped the audience would pay attention to, “The moment when the lighting in the room brightened at the same time (they) confronted the Revil Fleet was impressive.” Producer Taniguchi commented, “Would it be strange if there was a light brightly lit in the dark space amid the secret operation? We aimed for that sort of staging.”

Mr. Tsuchiya also spoke about the way the lines of the soldiers are spoken. He said that being instructed to “Please speak calmly as these people (soldiers) have been trained to do so,” was memorable. 


Lastly, with comments from the guests and yells of “Sieg Zeon!” shouted together with the attendees, the talk show came to an end. 



Shigeo Kiyama (Ramba Ral)

The fact that we were able to finish recording everything for this six-part Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGINtheatrical series is due to everyone’s support. Let’s meet again!


Kazuya Ichijo (Gaia)

I am truly happy to have been able to participate in this work and voice a member of the highly popular Black Tri-Stars. 


Toshihide Tsuchiya (Mash)

This series is a production that is like a treasure to me. I hope that THE ORIGINhas spread and left an impression in everyone’s hearts.


Kenichiro Matsuda (Ortega)

I dreamed of one day being able to appear in Gundam, so the fact that my dreams have come true like this is an indescribable feeling. I also believe that this is a production filled with the love of those that have worked with the Gundam series. In the future, let’s continue to get excited for THE ORIGIN!


Osamu Taniguchi (Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN Producer)

I was involved in this production for approximately five years. This series is a treasure to us and I believe that it is one supported and nurtured by the fans. I believe that I was able to come this far by studying various things with what little knowledge I myself had. I hope to enjoy the next month. Truly, thank you very much. 



Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN: Rise of the Red Cometis currently a popular screening at 35 theaters nationwide. Specially illustrated mini autograph boards (total 10 variations) drawn by the creative team, consisting of character and mecha designers, are being distributed as attendee presents with designs changing every week, so definitely be sure to visit the theater!

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