2018.10.19 (FRI)

An Early Screening Of The Opening! The “Gundam NT” Pre-Screening Event Report

Narrative Gundam features “shedding” tactics!? Various secrets are revealed!

▲From the left, Mr. Harutoshi Fukui, Mr. Hiroyuki Sawano, Mr. Junya Enoki, Ms. Tomo Muranaka, Ms. Ayu Matsuura, and Producer Naohiro Ogata.


“PRELUDE TO NARRATIVE”, a pre-screening event for Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative, was held ahead of the film’s opening on October 16th (Tues) at Zepp DiverCity in Odaiba, Tokyo. The film will begin its roadshow in 90 theaters across the country on November 30th (Fri).


At the event, Mr. Junya Enoki, voice of the protagonist Jona Basta, Ms. Tomo Muranaka, voice of Michele Luio, and Ms. Ayu Matsuura, voice of Rita Bernal, appeared as guests. Mr. Hiroyuki Sawano, music director, Mr. Harutoshi Fukui, screenplay writer, and Producer Naohiro Ogata also appeared on stage.


The event was split into three magnificent sections; an early screening of the first 23 minutes of the film, a talk session with the cast, and a live musical performance of songs from the film. A huge number of Gundam fans crowded the venue despite it being a weekday.    




The event began with the screening of the film’s opening. The cast, who were also seeing the film for the first time along with the audience, shared their individual thoughts on the film.


Mr. Enoki commented, “It has such a high level of perfection and the music is also amazing. I wanted to see the film as soon as I could as we were recording, so I’m content to have been able to see it. Did we satisfy everyone with the result?” Huge applause erupted from the audience in response to his question.


He also shared an anecdote from the recording, noting the great praise he received from Director Yoshizawa, “Mr. Enoki loves thrilling rides and his performance as Jona as he withstood G was well done!” This caused the audience to laugh. Mr. Enoki actually almost fainted during recording because he had strained himself too much. 




Ms. Muranaka commented excitedly, “I really felt the message of “you must fight putting your life on the line!” I had chills, in a good way. That even a woman improved her combat ability… I was deeply moved.” She also showed her enthusiasm for the film, “I’ve been fortunate to have taken part in the Gundam series a few times, but I’m delighted to have been so firmly involved in the series for the first time.”




Ms. Matsuura said with a smile, “The artwork is very beautiful. The lighting in the battle scenes in particular are extremely beautiful and these past 23 minutes went by so quickly.” Mr. Enoki and Ms. Muranaka also added, “It may have gone by quickly, but these 23 minutes contained an unthinkable amount of content that gave it its high level of satisfaction.” All three actors stated, “We want to hurry and see the next part.”


In this film, Narrative Gundam is configured to change its equipment to suit the battle and strategy. Mr. Fukui explained while referring to the configuration of Equipment B, “The Gundam in this film is conceptualized based on a skeletal structure. Its skeleton is made to equip into various forms each time it is sent out into battle.”


Producer Ogata stated, “Narrative Gundam is the opposite of previous Gundams. As the story progresses, its equipment will become increasingly lighter. The fact that its silhouette becomes more and more simple as time passes is a key point of the setting.” Mr. Fukui then gave the concept a unique name called “shedding tactics.”


The film continues where Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (UC) left off with Mr. Sawano once again filling in as music director. Having received an order to slightly change the musical taste from what was featured in Gundam UC, Mr. Sawano commented, “In the previous series, there were several orchestral instrumentals that go with the theme of the series. For this work, however, the Director wanted me to create songs that had an emphasis in electronical sounds. As such, I was able to create music with an approach that was different from Gundam UC.”


Mr. Fukui gave him high praise, “This film contains melodramatic elements that we haven’t seen in Gundam works thus far, so the film would have been too mellow had we used orchestral music. The music fit perfectly.”


Furthermore, it was announced that the theme song “narrative” would be a collaboration between Mr. Sawano’s vocal project “nZk” and LiSA. A video comment from LiSA was shown at the event. 




Lastly, the cast gave their final greetings before being followed by a live performance from Mr. Sawano, Ms. Tielle, Mr. mpi, and Ms. Gemie. The model number for Narrative Gundam was revealed for the first time as a surprise and the model for II Neo Zeong was projected on screen. The content-filled event then came to a close.




Harutoshi Fukui (Screenplay)

We received many requests for us to create a continuation to Mobile Suit Gundam UC, which had ended very cleanly. However, since we’re doing it, we are doing it properly. Gundam will undergo changes based on your support, so I hope that everyone can lend their strength to this sequel.


Junya Enoki (Jona Basta)

I thought the Narrative formation (on the poster) aligned with the theme of the film… Each character is reaching toward their individual wishes and desires while looking in different directions. However, this work is a story created by entwining those thoughts and experiences into one story. Please enjoy the human drama in this work. I hope to record while putting my best into it so that the film will be great, so please go out and watch it in theaters!


Tomo Muranaka (Michele Luio)

I’ve read the entire screenplay (already), but I thought that it’s magnificent how the vivid parts of life, desire, and humanity are depicted through a Gundam series. This work shows how extremely dark each character’s life is. I would be grateful to have you be a witness to the Gundam of this generation.


Ayu Matsuura (Rita Bernal)

We have yet to record the continuation to today’s screening, so I hope to do my best so as to not let everyone down. Please continue to support the series!


Naohiro Ogata (Producer)

The studio has united as one to do our best in creating this film, so definitely please come to see the film in theaters once, twice, thrice, or even four times.


Mobile Suit Gundam NT, the latest work in the Universal Century saga, will finally begin its roadshow across the country in 90 theaters on November 30th (Fri).


Advance tickets with bonus extras are now on sale in three different versions. An advance ticket that comes with a special collaboration GODZILLA: The Planet Eater x Mobile Suit Gundam NT clear file is also available for purchase.

For more details, please check the advance tickets page on the official Mobile Suit Gundam NT website.


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