2018.10.22 (MON)

“TAMASHII NATION 2018 -Blue Shock-” Takes Place 10/26 – 28 At Akihabara UDX & Bellesalle Akihabara!

“ROBOT TAMASHII Mass Production Type Zaku ver. A.N.I.M.E. ~First Touch 2500~” will be sold through same-day sales!

“TAMASHII NATIONS 2018 -Blue Shock-”, a figure event hosted by the Bandai Collectors Department, will be held for three days from October 26th (Fri) to the 28th (Sun) in Akihabara, Tokyo.


The event will take place in two venues. Akihabara UDX 2F AKIBA SQUARE will feature numerous exhibitions of new items and the latest prototypes. On the other hand, the Bellesalle Akihabara 1F EVENT SPACE will spread out the hottest characters under one space.


large White Base model from Mobile Suit Gundam will appear at the Bellesalle Akihabara venue. The model has been produced at a size that matches the “ROBOT TAMASHII ver. A.N.I.M.E.” series in scale with a view of its backshot revealed in elaborate detail on the official website. Be sure to check it out!


Additionally, commemorative event products will go on sale that very day. “ROBOT TAMASHII Mass Production Type Zaku ver. A.N.I.M.E. ~First Touch 2500~” (2,500 yen including tax) will be released from the Gundam series. Touch and try events where you can test out products are also set to be held at the event, so feel free to come and participate.


A deluxe special stage featuring the casts and creative staff from various TAMASHII NATIONS-related series will also be held. The stage will be livestreamed on YouTube and LINELIVE, so be sure not to miss it!


The event will have a variety of contents including the “TAMASHII NATIONS 2018 IMPACT BOOK”, a gorgeous booklet set that comes in a three-sided case given as a present to attendees. Be sure to come by and visit the event.

Akihabara UDX is free for CLUB TAMASHII MEMBERS or 1,000 yen (tax included) for same day tickets. Bellesalle Akihabara is free admission.


For details on the event, please check out the TAMASHII NATION 2018 -Blue Shock- event page

TAMASHII NATION 2018 -Blue Shock- Event Outline

【Event Schedule】

  • October 26 (Fri) – 28 (Sun), 2018  10:00am – 8:00pm (Final entry is at 7:30pm)

※The event will be open until 6:00pm on the 28th (Sun) (Final entry at 5:30pm)


【Event Venues】


【Admission Fee】

  • Akihabara UDX: Free for CLUB TAMASHII MEMBERS or 1,000 yen (tax included) for same day tickets
  • Bellesalle Akihabara: free admission



※ This event and the products sold at the aforementioned event is intended for those 15 years and older.

※ Attendees under the age of 15 not accompanied by a guardian will be refused entry.

※ Commemorative event products cannot be purchased by attendees under the age of 15 even with a guardian.

※ The sponsor and venue cannot take responsibility for accidents, trouble, and thefts that occur in or outside of the venue.

※ Lining up the day before and the day of the event is prohibited as it will cause inconvenience to the venue and neighborhood.

※ Limited entry as well as early opening and closing of the event may occur based on the condition of the crowd that day.

※ Scheduled events are subject to change without notice depending on the situation.

※ Precautions are subject to change without prior notice.