August 09, 2019

"Gundam Summer Festival 2019" Currently Underway! Enjoy Gundam Fair and Mystery Solving Rally This Summer in Odaiba, Tokyo!

Conveying the appearance of the venue through photos!

The "Gundam Summer Festival 2019", where you can experience various "Gundam" activities, is being held at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza.


This event is held as part of the "Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Project", and there will be various exhibits and attractions centered around the 7th floor of "THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO" in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. Also, at the base of the "Life-sized Unicorn Gundam Statue" in the festival plaza, there will be a "Gundam Gourmet Fes" where you can enjoy a collaboration menu, and the annual "Walkthrough".


We will convey the appearance of the popular venue through photos, so let's visit Odaiba this year during summer vacation.



"Gundam Gourmet Fes" Can You Conquer All the Menus!?

At the base of the "Life-Sized Unicorn Gundam Statue", along with the "Haro" wearing a happi coat for a festive mood, there are many booths where you can enjoy various Gundam collaboration menus.


Also, there are stores within the building which are also offering collaboration menus, so check them out too.

  • Dates

August 3, 2019(Sat)~ August 11, 2019(Sun)


  • Venue

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 2F Festival Plaza

For details about the collaboration menu, please see the event special site

Look Up at the "Life-Sized Unicorn Gundam Statue" from Directly Below! "Walkthrough 2019" Held!

The "Walkthrough" where you can walk between the open legs of the "Life-Sized Unicorn Gundam Statue" appears again this year. Let's use this chance to take in the size of the statue.

  • Dates

July 20, 2019(Sat)~ September 1, 2019(Sun)


  • Admission


Let's Solve the Mystery and Get an "Original Mini Plastic Model"!

A mystery solving rally "Get the Treasure of the Gundam 40th Anniversary!" will be also held around various places in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. Those who solve the mystery will receive an "Original Mini Plastic Model" as a free gift. Let's go try it.


  • Dates

July 20, 2019(Sat)~ September 1, 2019(Sun)

10:00~19:00(Last entry 18:30)

  • Admission

¥500(tax inc)

  • Venue

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 7F Gundam Base Tokyo next to escalator

※This is a game event where you solve the mystery by traveling the area around DiverCity Tokyo Plaza.

※It may take some time to finish the rally, so it is recommended to allow for plenty of time to participate.

※Those who wish to participate, please purchase a mystery solving kit.

※After purchasing, transfers and refunds are not permitted.

※For-profit resale is prohibited.

※Kits will not be replaced. Please purchase another one, thank you.

※During the period if the number of prizes disbursed reaches the number of prepared prizes, the prize may be changed.

※The prize is not for sale.

<Mystery Solving Rally Story>

Today is the Gundam Summer Festival.

As a festival for the 40th anniversary commemoration of the Gundam series, it can be seen to be very crowded.
In the middle of it, a mysterious old man with Haro appeared, and said the following.

"I've hidden the 'Beginning Treasure' in this venue that celebrates the 40th anniversary of Gundam. Take this 'Beyond Haro' and journey through time and space to seek out the [clues]...!"

After having said that, he handed over Haro, and disappeared somewhere. Haro has information about the clues and a dive function to travel through Gundam World installed. You will go on a journey through Gundam World together with Haro.

Can you find the clues and get the treasure?

"1/12 Gundam Statue" Appears Wearing a Happi Coat! Latest Items Also Displayed!

On the 5th floor of the plaza space, a "1/12 Gundam Statue" wearing a happi coat photospot appears. Also, the latest Gundam series items are displayed, so let's check them out.


  • Dates

August 3, 2019(Sat)~ September 1, 2019(Sun)



Let's Enjoy the 3 Fairs! Try the Ichiban Kuji!

At the Event Zone in Gundam Base Tokyo, a "Gundam Fair" is being held. After enjoying the three types of fairs, let's try the ichiban kuji. Don't miss the "Gundam 40th Anniversary Sticker" which will be presented to all participants!

※The ichiban kuji is the first edition of the "Ichiban Kuji Collaboration Mobile Suit Gundam Gunpla".


Gundam Fair

  • Date

August 3, 2019(Sat)~ August 18, 2019(Sun)

10:00~19:00(Last Entry:18:30)

  • Entry Conditions

Those who can participate in the game by themselves

  • Entry Fee

¥1,000(tax inc)



Entrance Exhibition "GUNPLA SUMMER COMPETITION" Underway!

At the Gundam Base Tokyo entrance display, there is an exhibition of gunpla built by gunpla meisters and the general public with the theme of "Summer".


  • Dates

July 20, 2019(Sat)~ Middle of September 2019

  • Entry Period

Until August 11, 2019(Sun)

Special Events Using Gunpla and Limited Gunpla Too!

Besides this, Gundam Base Tokyo also has special events using gunpla and limited gunpla for sale as well. Let's check this out as well.


「RAPID SCAN DIGIRAMA THEATER SYSTEM -Take off from a catapult-」

Use the Gunpla Scan System on a gunpla built at Gundam Base Tokyo or brought in with you. Afterwards, with the 2D barcode presented, let's download your own catapult deck launch sequence movie.



  • Dates

July 20, 2019(Sat)~ September 1, 2019(Sun)

  • Participation Fee


※It is recommended participants bring their own gunpla. (It is also possible to use a provided sample for scanning.)

※Recommended gunpla size is 1/144 scale (length and width less than 150mm).

※To download the movie, your own smartphone is necessary.

※Participants are responsible for any smartphone usage fees.

※Some models of smartphones might not be able to playback the movie.


【1】Scanned with the Gunpla Scan System

【2】 Digital Composite on the 3D Catapult

【3】 It is possible to download and take it home with you!

GUNPLA Battle Laboratory 2019 -Battle Challenge-

The "Gunpla Battle Laboratory", which was held last summer at the same facility during "Divers Fes", appears. Experience more easily than before the pre-scanned works of Meister Kawaguchi and other gunpla meisters, and enjoy moving them in 3D space.


  • Dates

July 20, 2019(Sat)~ September 1, 2019(Sun)

  • Participation Fee


※You cannot scan your own gunpla here.

※Depending on the crowd situation, there may be a waiting time for this experience.

Limited Gunpla Currently Available!


Gundam Base Limited MG 1/100 Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility

Price:¥12,960(tax inc)

Gundam Base Limited Figure rise Mechanics[LIGHTING UNIT SET]

Price:¥4,104(tax inc)

Gundam Base Limited HG 1/144 Gouf Flight Type[21stCENTURY REAL TYPE Ver.]

Price:¥2,700(tax inc)

Gundam Base Limited SD Gundam Cross Silhouette RX-78-3 G-3 Gundam[Cross Silhouette Frame Ver.]

Price:¥1,080(tax inc)

※Some items may have sold out by the time of your visit.




▼ "Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Project" Official Site



Gundam Summer Festival 2019

  • Dates

July 20, 2019(Sat)~ September 1, 2019(Sun)

※The dates vary according to each activity.

  • Venue

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza area, Gundam Base Tokyo, Life-Sized Unicorn Gundam Statue area