October 01, 2019

Those Who Like Gunpla Assemble! "Assemble! Gunpla Builders 2019" Held October 12, 2019 at Gundam Base Tokyo!

Starting from October 12, 2019 (Thu), "Assemble! Gunpla Builders 2019" will be held at the gunpla general facility "THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO."


At this event, new items will be displayed at the entrance of Gundam Base Tokyo from "Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE" and a try event will take place.


In the event zone "Satellite Build Room", besides the free rental of tools and Gundam Marker Airbrushes, a "Diorama Photo Spot" where a brave photo of your completed gunpla can be taken appears. Also, a "Best of your GUNPLA in First Year of Reiwa" competition where you can take pride in the gunpla you built, and a "Production Class" skill-up curriculum for the modeler will also be held.

In addition, as part of the "Painting Room 2 Big Campaign", a "Weekday Limited Work Booth 3 Hour Time Limit ¥500 Pack" and a "Limited Wednesday and Friday Ladies Day" will also be held, so let's take this opportunity to enjoy making gunpla at Gundam Base Tokyo. It will last until early December 2019.


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"Assemble! Gunpla Builders 2019" Summary


October 12, 2019(Thu)~ Early December 2019

Same as Gundam Base Tokyo Regular Business Hours(10:00~21:00)





【Venue Location】





■ "Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE" Entrance


New products from the new title "Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE" are now available! Check out the LED effects on the Core Docking Custom!

  • Satellite Build Room (Event Zone)

Free admission to satellite build room! Can be used every weekend all day.


Tools and Gundam Marker Airbrushes will be lent for free! The heroic completed gunpla can be placed in the Diorama Photo Spot and taken on your smartphone!


  • Competition Best of your GUNPLA in First Year Reiwa

The first year of Reiwa is drawing to a close! This year, let's take pride in the NO.1 work you have completed in gunpla!

Those who participate will receive "THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO Original Sticker" as a present!

Theme:Best of your GUNPLA in First Year of Reiwa

Eligible Item:All gunpla series

※All items which meet the dimensional limits of 250㎜ length × 250㎜ height × 250㎜ depth

※30 MINUTES MISSIONS are not eligible


【Entry Period】October 12, 2019(Sat)~ November 30, 2019(Sat)11:00~20:00 each day

【Exhibit Period】October 12, 2019(Sat)~ Early December 2019

【Return Period】Early December 2019 ~ January 31, 2020(Fri)11:00~20:00 each day

【Venue Location】Gundam Base Tokyo Event Zone

【Eligibility Requirements】Must be THE GUNDAM BASE member

【Participation Methods】

Please take your work that fulfills the eligible item requirements to the reception area of the Painting Room at THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO, and fill out the necessary information on the entry form.

※For details please contact the staff that day.


  • "Production Class" Held As Well!

Let's reach our best level! Skill-up curriculum for modelers!

※Details announced later.


■ Painting Room 2 Big Campaign


"Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE" Release Commemoration!

  • Weekday Limited Work Booth 3 Hour Time Limit ¥500 Schedule

※Airbrush booth use not permitted


October 1, 2019(Tue)~ December 31, 2019(Tue)


  • Wednesdays and Fridays Ladies Day Schedule

※30 minutes of Painting Room free & free rental of thinner and tool cleaners



October 2, 2019(Wed)~ December 31, 2019(Tue)


※Held Wednesdays and Fridays during event period.

※Event schedule may change.



[Location]DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 7F (1-1-110 Aoyama, Koto Ward, Tokyo)