2018.06.14 (THU)

iOS/Android A Look At The 2nd “Mobile Suit Gundam: Sokuosensen” Online Tournament

Includes interviews with Mr. Miracle Gucci, Ms. Gohan, Ochi-P, and Mr. Satoshi Dairaku!

The 2nd online tournament for Mobile Suit Gundam: Sokuosensen (Gansoku), a mobile app for iOS/Android by Bandai Namco Entertainment, was held on May 27th (Sun).


The night of the same day, a livestream looking back on the semifinals and the finale of the tournament was held. Mr. Satoshi Dairaku was responsible as the MC and live reporter at the event while Gansoku official players Ms. Gohan and Mr. Miracle Gucci as well as Mr. Hiroaki Ochi, the game’s producer, appeared as guests. The event was incredibly energetic with a “Play With Ochi-P” corner, wonderful audience presents, and more.


The livestream can be watched through the archives, so definitely be sure to check it out if you missed it.


A Look Back on the Tournament With Zealous Reporting & Commentary! Highlights of the Archive Livestream!

They took a look back on the tournament’s semi-finals and finale through four people that are very praiseworthy for their model battling styles that included the composition of their user decks, unit placement timings, and more.


In the first game of the semi-finals, Kurenai no Yuki.’s Acguy flourished with a surprise attack. Although it was a new unit that had just been implemented several days prior, they had made sure to level up their unit, making their preparations perfect.

In the second game of the semi-finals, Miiya demonstrated an effective strategy by placing GM Cannon in the center to devote it to defense.

And then the finals. Miiya made great use of GM Cannon and Watchtower and gained victory by dropping two bases with defyingly speedy moves.

It had been an unfolding of a high level battle that consisted of how not to make mistakes with one’s own hand and how not to miss your opponent’s own mistakes. Compared to the previous tournament, the levels of the participants have increased. The decks and strategies of these advanced players will become very helpful, so definitely be sure to use them as an example for your gameplay.

In the “Let’s Play With Ochi-P” corner, Producer Ochi earnestly competed against users. The battles, which took place once for each faction, were surprisingly both matched to players belonging in the same party as Ms. Gohan and Mr. Miracle Gucci. The live reporting and commentary became extremely lively.

Furthermore, present keywords from which you can receive wonderful audience presents through a raffle were also announced. Definitely be sure to check it out and try entering.


Lastly, information on “UR PALE RIDER (Ground Type) [Model Rank]” and “UR Zaku High Mobility Ground Type [Model Rank]” were also announced as new battle units scheduled to be implemented in the future.




A Look Back At The 2nd Tournament – Ask Miracle Gucci, Gohan, Producer Ochi, and Satoshi Dairaku!

▲ From the left, Ms. Gohan, Mr. Satoshi Dairaku, Producer Ochi, and Mr. Miracle Gucci.



――Once more, let’s take a look at the entire tournament


Ochi-P:The tournament this time was one where you participate by bringing in units that you raised yourself unlike last time. We received various comments from the users, so I hope to further study how we should go about future (developments).

Everyone is also becoming great at this game day by day. We hoped to be able to explain that aspect of the game well and I’m happy if this time those that are watching were able to easily understand the situation (of the game) even just a little bit by having a professional announcer live reporting the tournament.


――Were we shown Producer Ochi’s serious gameplay during the “Let’s Play With Ochi-P” corner?


Dairaku:That corner should be for the viewers… Though it’s fine to get unit deployment areas and the timings wrong and have fan service, haha.


Ochi-P:In another game title, I ended up acquiring the shameful nickname of “Air Play Ochi”, so I thought I’d redeem myself here!


――You mean that you’ve therefore put love into the development, then.

Mr. Miracle Gucci, Ms. Gohan, according to you, how was the tournament this time


Miracle Gucci:I’m incredibly surprised at everyone’s high level of adaptability. I also think that I want to quickly be able to battle in the newest stage every time there’s an update, but with everyone mastering how to use new units within an hour, it’s really amazing. Even this time has been enlightening seeing newly implemented units being used well.


Gohan:I thought, “I might be able to do it, too,” seeing the decks of strong players and tried putting one together, but when I actually tried playing, finding the right timing or place to send out a unit is extremely important, so it doesn’t go that well. That is the profound part of Gansoku and it was fun being able to see the newest ways of battling of such strong players in this tournament.


――From the developer’s perspective, was there any way a unit was used that you hadn’t imagined before?


Ochi-P:The fact that there were people that used the “Dispersal Orders” unit to avoid bombings was really surprising. In the specifications of the game and from a visual perspective, the bombings are impossible to avoid, so it’s truly a “NewType” (of gameplay), isn’t it?

――I see. It seems like there’s a possibility of discovering strategies in the future that you hadn’t imagined from a developer’s perspective.




Mobile Suit Gundam: Sokuosensen is a real time Gundam fighting game that takes place during the One Year War in Mobile Suit Gundam. The player chooses to join either the Federation or Zeon Forces, becomes a commanding officer, and participates in the One Year War. You can place units by swiping them from your troops and win by crushing your opponent’s main base within three minutes.


In addition to a tournament scheduled to be held next month, an update will also take place soon, so be sure to take this opportunity to try playing the game.



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Mobile Suit Gundam: Sokuosensen

Genre: Real Time Gundam Action Game

Release Date: February 7, 2018 (Wed)

Price: Free to download with in-app purchases

Platforms: App Store, Google Play