2018.09.03 (MON)

A highly poseable figure with a wide range of motion! "Mobile Suit Gundam GFrame 03" released today!

The third series has Gundam, Char's Zaku, and Hyaku Shiki!

"Mobile Suit Gundam GFrame" Series 3 with features like armor-attachable frames to the highly detailed Gundam figure will be relased today, September 3, 2018 (Mon.) in toy stores, home electronics retail stores, and internet sales. Price is ¥500 each (tax excluded)


"Mobile Suit Gundam GFrame" is able to perform a wide range of movements and poses through its unique frame mechanism.


A large size of approx. 110mm in height, with an armor set that can be displayed individually with armor hanger parts, the arms and chest of each mobile suit unit attaches to the frame set.


In the 3rd series lineup, "Gundam", "Char's Zaku", and "Hyaku Shiki" are included.



Mobile Suit Gundam GFrame 03

Price:¥500 each(tax excluded)


【Set Contents】 

  • 1 painted model (6 types total)
  1. Gundam Armor Set (Armor Parts / Stationary Hanger Parts)
  2. Gundam Frame Set (Weapons Set / Movable Frame)
  3. Char's Zaku Armor Set (Armor Parts / Stationary Hanger Parts)
  4. Char's Zaku Frame Set (Weapons Set / Movable Frame)
  5. Hyaku Shiki Armor Set (Armor Parts / Stationary Hanger Parts)
  6. Hyaku Shiki Frame Set (Weapons Set / Movable Frame)
  • Chewing gum 1 piece

Additionally, in "Bandai Candy Staff BLOG", the lineup of these items and their movable range are introduced. Let's go check it out.



※Sales start date may vary depending on each store.
※Photos may vary slightly from actual product.