2019.06.13 (THU)

New STEM Teaching Material "ZEONIC TECHNICS" Official Site Open! Appearing June 15-16, 2019 at "Tokyo Toy Show 2019"!

Course reservations start October 2019!

The official page of the new STEM teaching material "ZEONIC TECHNICS", which allows for learning robotics and programming while enjoying the world of Gundam, has opened today.


"ZEONIC TECHNICS" is a study course for junior high school students and above in which the basics of robotics and concepts of programming are learned while experiencing Zeonic's mobile suit development.


The biped robot kit teaching material is equipped with 17 servomotors, gyro sensor and object (distance) sensor. As one builds up by parts and steps up their knowledge, they will learn the structure of the robot, and gain a deeper understanding through textbooks and exercise programs.


Also, by installing an exclusive app on your smartphone or tablet, you can control the built robot through controllers and programs.


The kit is built in 4 stages, and the robot's progress can be checked at each stage. Also, through the creation of one's own motion settings and clearing training missions as a goal, real programming learning is also provided.


"ZEONIC TECHNICS" is a new play method involving the assembly of a mobile suit which truly moves, and is an item that involves the new experience of "Learning before play". Reservations are scheduled to take place October 2019, so look forward to it.


Also, on June 15-16, 2019 (Sat and Sun) at Tokyo Big Sight, it will be displayed at "Tokyo Toy Show 2019" at Bandai・BANDAI SPIRITS Booth(West 4 Hall Booth No.4-01) Let's go to the event and check it out.