October 04, 2019

"Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars" Series 4 Will Be Released February 2020! Reserve Today!

"Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode)" and "Sazabi" appear!

The new candy toy brand series "Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars" series 4 will be released February 2020. Price is ¥500 (tax exc)


The "Micro Wars" series 4 candy toy consists of a set of approximately 32mm height of "movable pilot figure" and "machine model with open hatch gimmick". The 5 type line-up includes "Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode)", "Jegan", "Torohachi & Pilot", "Sazabi", and "Hidolfr & Pilot".




Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars 4

Price:¥500(tax exc)

※Mobile suit is partially assembled

〇Color model 1 type(5 types in all)

  1. Unicorn Gundam(Destroy Mode)
  2. Jegan
  3. Torohachi & Pilot
  4. Sazabi
  5. Hidolfr & Pilot

〇Decal 1 sheet

〇Chewing gum 1 piece

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