December 17, 2019

"Super Metallic Poster Gundam" Mid-December 2019 Release! Illustrations by Naochika Morishita!

8 types in all, including "Mobile Suit Gundam", "00" and "SEED"!

"Super Metallic Poster Gundam" from Jumbo Carddass will be released at Jumbo Carddass vending machines at places such as toy stores nationwide starting from middle of December 2019. Price is ¥200 each time (tax inc).


This item is a shiny metallic plastic poster of approximately A5 size, with illustrations by Naochika Morishita. A total of 8 types of mobile Suits are in the lineup from series such as "Mobile Suit Gundam", "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", "Mobile Suit Gundam 00", and "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED", so let's get them all.



Super Metallic Poster Gundam

Price:¥200 each time(tax inc)

Release Date:Middle of December 2019

Types:8 types in all

※Release date may vary depending on region and store.


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