August 23, 2018

SBD RX- Zeromaru, SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Zeta Gundam and many more are on sale starting from today!

Even the bi-changer HGBC Machine Rider!

SDBD RX-Zeromaru

Price:¥1,944(tax inc.)

A chibi form for Ayame’s ninja gunpla, which appears in Gundam Build Fighters. The internal composition uses the SD cross silhouette series' CS frame. It comes with its flying mode too, the Armoured Hattori, while the model can be transformed from his chibi form to his real one.

HGBC Machine Rider

Price:¥1,296(tax inc.)

A tall generic vehicle from the Build Custom Series. It has a bike shape and can be a useful ride-mecha, using other gunpla as passengers! It comes with three different front cowl patterns.

SD Cross Silhouette Zeta Gundam

Price:¥1,080(tax inc.)

Adding to the two other silhouettes of the SD Gundam Cross Silhouette series, the Zeta Gundam from Mobile Suit Z Gundam! It comes with the characteristic colouring and its size can be improved by combining the model with the SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Frame (sold separately). You can also get the Z Zaku by combining it with the SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Zaku II and the Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ!