2018.09.20 (THU)

"HGUC Moon Gundam" & "RE/100 Gyunei Guss's Jagd Doga" Hit Shelves Today!

"Figure-rise Standard Build Divers Diver Nami" as well!

HGUC 1/144 Moon Gundam
Price: ¥ 3,240 (tax included)

The protagonist’s suit from “Mobile Suit MOON Gundam”, the one linked to SAZABI, has been made into an HG model. Starting with the shoulder shape leading to SAZABI, the entire body has been reproduced in detail, along with providing a high range of motion for each leg and foot. The Psycho Plate can not only be suspended from the backpack arm when deployed, but also separated and reattached. Beam Tomahawk, Beam Rifle, and the Butterfly Edge with its deployment gimmick are all included, each beam part made from translucent parts.

RE/100 Gyunei Guss's Jagd Doga
Price: ¥ 4,860 (tax included)

Gyunei Guss's Jagd Doga, which appeared in “Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack” has just been released as an RE/100 model. Its characteristic design has been reproduced with contouring comparable to the MG series. Following the events of the series, an amazing amount of miniscule details have been added to the model. All sub-thruster funnels can be removed separately, and is also equipped with a deployment gimmick. Clear supports that can display all six funnels deployed at once are also included. 

Figure-rise Standard BUILD DIVERS Diver Nami
Price: ¥ 2,592 (tax included)

Nanami Nanase, younger sister of Koichi, has been turned into a figure with her diver look in the “Figure-rise Standard” series. Rather than wearing the standard-issue Earth Federation pilot’s suit, her outfit, with its sporty design, has been faithfully reproduced. She not only comes equipped with an MS javelin and shield, but a spray gun, and three types of facial expression parts, so you can change her expression however you see fit.

※Action Base sold separately.