2018.11.02 (FRI)

The Latest November 2018 Release "Gunpla" Lineup!

From "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" comes "Narrative Gundam A-Packs"! "HG GM Intercept Custom", "Hi-Resolution Model Astray Red Frame" too!

HG 1/144 GM Intercept Custom

November 3, 2018 Release / ¥1,944 (tax inc)

From "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGINAL MSD", the GM Intercept Custom is a late-model GM Sniper Custom specialized for space combat and now arrives in HG form! The GM variant head, front armor, and legs are of new modeling!


HGBD 1/144 Gundam 00 Sky HWS (Trans-Am Infinity Mode)

November 17, 2018 Release / ¥2,484 (tax inc.)

From "Gundam Build Divers", the decisive battle mode of Riku's Gundam 00 Sky has appeared! Weapons such as the long rifle, buster sword, and missile pod are attached, and the full armor form can be reproduced! Display base is included!

HGBD 1/144 GBN-Guard Frame

November 17, 2018 Release / ¥1,728(tax inc)

From "Gundam Build Divers", the highly customizable mass production "GBN-Guard Frame" is now a gunpla! As a simple structure, a wide range of motion is achieved, the backpack has a variety of uses and is easily customizable! There is a full face type and a canopy type of head parts, and blue and black are each included as a clear part!

Hi-Resolution Model 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame

November 23, 2018 Release / ¥14,040(tax inc)

From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY" comes the Gundam Astray Red Frame as a Hi-Resolution model! The die-cast pre-painted frame has a high definition texture and the intense expression has been reproduced! The multiple structures of the frame and exterior possess high density movement, and its muscle-like form is reproduced in detail as well! Parts of the armor have been given a surface-texturing treatment! The color of the fingers are molded into the hand parts, and a hand grip is included! The Gerbera Straight blade has texturing and plating!



HGUC 1/144 Narrative Gundam A-Packs

November 30, 2018 Release / ¥5,940 (tax inc)


From "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" comes Narrative Gundam with the extraordinary weapons of the "A-Packs" in gunpla form! With the large propellant tank, the missile's detailing can be seen inside the missle pod hatch! You can of course display the main body with the A-Packs removed! With regard to the chest expansion gimmicks, besides being able to handle dynamic actions, the hip joint has a swing mechanism that allows for a wide range of movement for the legs! A stand to support the A-Packs is also included!

※Action base sold separately.



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