December 13, 2018

Four Gunpla Including "PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword /G" & "HGBD Mobile Doll Sarah", Released Today!

"HGBD Gundam Shining Break" & "Figure-rise Mechanics Haro" too!

PG 1/60 00 Gundam Seven Sword /G

Price: ¥24,840(tax inc)


The "00 Gundam Seven Sword /G" that appears in "Mobile Suit Gundam 00V" is now a PG model kit! The proportions of parts such as the leg, head, and shoulder have been adjusted, the main body has newly molded parts, and the colors have also been adjusted according to the supervision of Kanetake Ebikawa. GN Buster Sword has a light gimmick using LEDs, the large GN Sword II Blaster is 340 mm in total length. In addition to being able to enjoy the GN Katar in its leg-mounted and conntected states, the GN Sword II Long and GN Sword II Short are interchangable!

HGBD Mobile Doll Sarah

Price: ¥2,592(tax inc)

From "Gundam Build Divers" comes the gunpla built to save Sarah! Real and MS forms can be achieved with the two types of head parts it comes with!

HGBD 1/144 Gundam Shining Break

Price: ¥1,944(tax inc)

The main gunpla which appears in monthly Gundam Ace's "Gundam Build Divers" side story "Gundam Build Divers Break" has appeared! A modded gunpla of the Shining Gundam Base, it is possible to transform from MS form to flight mode!

Figure-rise Mechanics Haro

Price: ¥1,944(tax inc)


A Kunio Okawara-designed Haro filled with mechanisms is now a Figure-rise Mechanics item! The eye part is the first movable gimmick on the Haro plastic model, and in addition to the regular expression, "anger" and "sadness" expressions are also possible! And with the extendable legs and arms gimmicks, you can pose him just like from the scenes in the anime! With a total height of approximately 80mm, and a highly complex mechanical feel, by combining with the separately sold LED unit, you can light his eyes up! For the exterior, it comes with three types including normal and clear versions!

※ Action baase sold separately.