May 10, 2019

【PREMIUM BANDAI】 MG 1/100 GUNDAM F90 is released in Master Grade.



2 6 - t y p e m i s s i o n p a c k ’ s b a s e - b e c o m i n g

N e w G e n e r a t i o n M o b i l e S u i t s





S・N・R・I-lead "Formula Project"-created prototype MS Gundam F90 is released in Master Grade!

Hobby Online Shop’s first completely new model-via Master Grade !

26types of mission pack-equipment capable full body hard point is re-appeared.              

Further Information


*The product in the picture is painted and is a prototype in development. Actual products may differ from the images.

*This product has a quota in production.

*When the quota has been reached, we will stop accepting applications for reservations. Thank you for your understanding.