2019.07.18 (THU)

Pursuing Ease of Assembly with KPS Material and Without PC Parts!" RE/100 Zaku II FZ" Releases Today!

"Commander Type" and "Fritz Helmet" head parts also included!

RE/100 1/100 Zaku II FZ

Price:¥3,780(tax inc)


The "Zaku II FZ" from "Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the pocket" has appeared as part of the RE/100 series.


This is the first item in the RE/100 series that does not use PC parts, and has been divided into fine parts all the way. Pursuing ease of assembly through the use of KPS materials, it has high quality coloring.


The chest armor can be pulled out at a forward angle, and the cockpit block can be pulled forward to avoid interference with forward bending, thus the movable range is expanded. Also, the weapons mount rack has been reproduced in various areas of the suit.


Also, in addition to the regular version of the head as an original part, the "Commander Type" and "Fritz Helmet" heads, MMP-80 machine gun, heat hawk, and hand grenade are also included.

※Action base sold separately.



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