2018.05.18 (FRI)

Starting May 22nd, “Haro’s Melopan” will be available in limited quantities!

As the month changes, here are Crown Melon Cream and Mikka Mikan!


Starting from May 22nd (Tuesday), at Ōsaka’s Gundam Square, “Haro’s Melonpan” will be available on the menu, for a limited quantity. 


The melon pan filling changes with the month, having the Crown Melon Cream for May and the Mikka Mikan for June. 

There are limited quantities every day, so if you get the chance go take a bite! For more information, ask at the store’s staff. 



Haro’s Melonpan - Crown Melon Cream -

Haro’s Melonpan - Mikka Mikan -

Price:  286 yen each (taxes included) 

From: May 22nd (Tuesday) - planned 

※Limited quantities every day 


The two flavours will change with the months! Enjoy Haro’s cute expressions made one by one! 

※The melonpan’s Crown Cream Melon and Mikka Mikan are for one month only each. Crown Cream Melon is for May, Mikka Mikan is for June. For more information, ask the store’s staff. 


[Location] Ōsaka-fu, Suita-shi, Senri banpaku kōen 2-1, Lalaport EXPOCITY

[Access] Ōsaka Monorail, Senri banpaku kōen station, two minutes on foot

[Opening] 11:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.