2018.07.14 (SAT)

A Handbook For Beginner Builders! “Let’s Start Building Gunpla: Gundam Build Divers Ver.” On Sale Today!

A thorough explanation on techniques and build methods to step up your Gunpla!

“Let’s Start Building Gunpla: Gundam Build Divers Ver.”, a Gunpla How to mook (magazine book) for beginners themed around fundamental ways to build and customize Gunpla, was released today, July 14th(Sat), by Hobby Japan.  

This book, themed around Gunpla from Gundam Build Divers, will be useful for users enjoying Gunpla as a user or as parent and child that will begin building Gunpla in the future. Methods that range from fundamental ways to build Gunpla to techniques and ways to make original customizations to step up your Gunpla are thoroughly explained in this book. 

The book will also introduce tools you’ll need when building your Gunpla along with breaking down Gunpla according to its type. You’ll also find articles from kit reviews by pro modelers to original customization examples published in the book.  

This is a must-have book for builders that will start building Gunpla in the future through which they can further enjoy the Gundam Build Diversseries. 

Let’s Start Building Gunpla: Gundam Build Divers Ver.

Price: 1,000 yen (tax excluded)

Format: AB

Release Date: July 14, 2018 (Sat)

ISBN: 978-4-7986-1739-8

Distributor: Hobby Japan

[Included Contents]

·       Understand Gundam Build Diversin Two Pages

·       Let’s Prepare Our Tool Materials

·       GUNPLA BUILD UP ROOM: From Standard Builds To Full Painting

·       GUNPLA CUSTOMIZE LABORATORY: From Utilizing Campaign Parts to Kit Combinations 

·       Customize Gunpla with Father and Child

Pro Modelers Try All Out Customizing