2018.08.25 (SAT)

"Monthly Hobby Japan October 2018 Issue" Released Today!

The second special section features "Tsumipura"! Now is the time to make him!

Monthly Hobby Japan October 2018 Issue


August 25, 2018 (Sat.) Street Date

Price:¥900(tax exc.)



<Special Feature> S.I.C. 20th Past and Future


Numerous Ishinomori heroes such as "Masked Rider" and "Android Kikaider" were created decades ago and are still beloved by many generations since. BANDAI SPIRITS Collectors Division celebrates the 20th anniversary of its S.I.C. series this year. With that in mind, it will also be the 20th anniversary from "KIKAIDER 00" of the official diorama story "S.I.C. HERO SAGA" serializing this historic series. Let's check out the latest item "S.I.C. Amazon Alpha".



<Second Special Feature> About Tsumipura~ Now is the time to make him


Everyone's tried buying it, but they've piled up without building it, plastic model kits "Tsumipura" (Piled-pla) just sitting around. In this month's issue, we tackled how to use those plastic model kits from a variety of viewpoints, so please use the hints and tips we give.


Now is the time to build them.


<Hobby Japan Magazine Mail Order> Gwenpool


The next generation heroine from the Marvel Universe, "Gwenpool" is now a collaborative figure from AMAKUNI and Sentinel! From the artists who drew Gwenpool, "Gurihiru", the cover illustration of "Pardon me, I'm coming through this universe~" is now a figure.



<Hobby Japan Magazine Mail Order>Parfom Netherworld Inviting Airi


"Netherworld Tempting Airi", the popular character from Queens Blade, is now a next generation action figure series "Parfom" from Phat Company! The OVA released in July is rebooted as "Queens Blade UNLIMITED" and is an extremely popular new version on sale now.



<Hobby Japan Magazine Mail Order> To LOVE-Ru Darkness Nemesis


Nemesis appears as a scale figure from "To LOVE-Ru Darkness"! From the cover illustration of the artbook "Harem Gold", she has been modelled with a sexy arabian silky costume.




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