2018.11.24 (SAT)

"Monthly Model Graphix January 2019 Issue" Released Today!

The gunpla discovery that appears is the "SDCS Zeta Gundam"!

Monthly Model Graphix

January 2019 Issue

November 24, 2018(Sat)Release

Price:¥743(before tax)


【Feature】Strong? Weak? The mystery of the One Year War's MS Gelgoog

In this issue, the special feature is unexpectedly the Gelgoog! ……why Gelgoog? Well, when reviewing the Gelgoog again, it's a mysterious mobile suit. The MS of the One Year War are the RX-78-2 Gundam and GM, Zaku, and of course the Dom, and even the Z'Gok and Gyan, discussions about their characteristics and strengths and weaknesses, thorough debates, models were also made, but haven't we forgotten about the Gelgoog!? That was the starting point of this special report. Was it the next generation masterpiece of the One Year War, or was it an ordinary mass-production mobile suit, or was it a rarely seen piece of garbage……By methodically considering and discussing, as a model, how would one go about building it (even now), let's dig into it and get excited about it!