2019.08.24 (SAT)

"Monthly Hobby Japan October 2019 Issue" Released Today!

First of three parts, 100 page booklet supplement "Mobile Suit Gundam Mobile Suit Picture Book 【Universal Century Edition】Vol. 1" included!

Monthly Hobby Japan October 2019 Issue

August 24, 2019(Sat)Release

Price:¥1,200(tax exc)



【Three Part Special Booklet Supplement】Gundam 40th Anniversary×Monthly Hobby Japan 50th Anniversary Project Mobile Suit Gundam Mobile Suit Picture Book【Universal Century Edition】 Vol.1


"Mobile Suit Gundam Mobile Suit Picture Book (Universal Century Edition) I" MS Picture Book covers the Universal Century series of mobile suits in a three part 100 page booklet supplement! It is the newest version large picture book that includes setting drawings for the latest works such as "THE ORIGIN" and "Thunderbolt".



【Lead Feature】Gundam Carnival 2019


The lead feature is "Gundam Carnival 2019", held for the first time in seven years. This summer's two hottest items, RG νGundam and MG Gundam F90, are at the top of the list in the spirit of "Anything can happen during the festival!!" Plenty of models exist from "That seems reasonable" to "Isn't that impossible!?" in content.

Some may think "What, just models?" That's not the case. There are various other projects also making great strides forward.


Towards the upcoming "Gunpla 40th Anniversary", let's feel the current and future of gunpla and get excited together!!



<Hobby Japan Magazine Mail Order>Death Ball Mitsuka Kuwamizu


From the sexy battle content "Death Ball" published by Hobby Japan, the figure series begins its release! First to appear is "Mitsuka Kuwamizu", designed by Alicesoft's Gyokai.



<Hobby Japan Magazine Mail Order>Fate/Grand Order Caster / Helena Blavatsky


Lemuria! "Fate/Grand Order" Caster / Helena Blavatsky appears from AMAKUNI!