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From [GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS GIMM & BALL’s World Challenge],
The customized Gunpla of QUBELEY "QUBELEY DAMNED" is released in Master Grade !
● Its bewitching design reproduced by new molding
  Exteriors that have been detailed up such as the head and arm parts are reproduced by new molding.
  Also, new parts for its body and legs have made it appear in a more sinister-looking silhouette.
  ・head parts, arm parts
  Shape and mold detailed are modeled by new molding.
  ・body parts, leg parts
  The curved design of its body and legs are reproduced with new parts, giving it a more sinister-looking silhouette.
● Its impressive giant manipulators reproduced with new molding parts

  Its manipulators that look too massive for its size are reproduced by new molding parts.
  Its five fingers all contain ball joints, allowing for the opening and closing of the hands.
●  Main weapons of "QUBELEY DAMNED" included
  10 Funnels can be equipped to its Funnel Pods.
  Also, its pink Beam Sabers can be attached to both of its arms.
● Includes water decals with original designs !
Weapons :Beam Saber / Funnel
1/100 scale assembly plastic model
・No adhesives required for assembly

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SIZE : -
TARGET AGE : 15 and up.