Silent Run


From the airspace of the destroyed Heliopolis, Kira returns to the Archangel with a life boat. Fray is discovered on board the life boat. Archangel decides to head for the allied military satellite Artemis to seek help. Rau, once losing sight of the Archangel, foresees its intended course and devises a plan to block their route from the front and behind.
Kira is with Tolle and his friends at the refugees’ living quarters. When Kira is told by Mu to provide maintenance for Gundam, he rebuffs, saying he is not a pilot.
In the meantime, Athrun is questioned regarding his unauthorized launch by Rau. Athrun conveys his intention to convince Kira to join him, and swears to strike Kira down by his own hands if he refuses.
As planned, Archangel is sandwiched. Everyone goes to battle stations and Tolle and the others volunteer to work on the ship, if not to help ease Kira’s burden. Kira’s inner debate disintegrates with the moving words and actions by Mu and his friends, and he decides to pilot Strike Gundam once again. The engine of the Archangel roars to life as the positron blaster cannon reverberates. As if on cue, MS troops are launched from the enemy ship.

Kira, on the catapult, cries out loud. “This is Kira Yamato. Gundam, launch!”