Collapsing Land


Rau, piloting MS CGUE, attacks Kira. Just then Archangel appears in front of them. Strike Gundam’s cannon fired at Rau opens a large hole into the colony. Everyone is stunned by its power. Seeing that the odds are against him, Rau breaks away from the battle. Kira lands on Archangel. The crew is surprised to discover Gundam was piloted by a kid, but Mu recognizes that Kira is a Coordinator. Rau, meanwhile, returns to the ship. He feels threatened by Strike Gundam’s power and decides to attack again. Athrun takes Aegis Gundam against orders and heads toward Kira.
Since Kira rewrote the OS of Strike Gundam, he is the only one who is able to operate it. He refuses to pilot (saying he hates war) but is forced to launch as the enemy approaches.
The renewed battle gradually damages the colony. Kira shoots down Miguel’s GINN. And then comes face to face with Athrun piloting Aegis Gundam at the battlefield. The two boys are confused over their situation to fight against each other. The fighting continues and intensifies around them and in the end, Heliopolis crumbles as it sustains too much damage.