Its Name is Gundam


Within the flames, Athrun steals the last Gundam, MS Aegis, and escapes. Kira and Murrue also get onto Strike Gundam and barely escape as the factory explodes. But ZAFT’s MS GINN was waiting for them! Injured and not even being a pilot, Murrue is incapable to pilot Gundam. Caught in a desperate situation, Kira takes the controls. He quickly modifies the Gundam’s operating system. Strike Gundam’s potential is released and defeats GINN with an overwhelming power. Kira and his friends are out of danger but now they are detained by Murrue for seeing top secret military weapons. They try to resist but have no choice but to obey.
Around the same time, Rau takes action seeing GINN’s destruction. Sensing Rau’s movement, Mu also heads to Heliopolis. The two meet at the battlefield and fight as they crash into the colony.
Meanwhile, Natarle, who was trapped in the shattered mining district, activate the Archangel with the few remaining crews. An eerie sound start to resonate through Heliopolis. A battle between Rau’s MS CGUE and Strike Gundam begins. Kira is given a drubbing by the hard-bitten Rau. Mu covers for Kira but the situation is unaffected. In the nick of time, Kira is saved as Archangel emerges, crashing through the rock wall and revealing its commanding appearance.