Phase Shift Down


The 4 stolen Gundams loom in front of the launched Strike Gundam. The ZAFT forces decided to throw all Gundams into the attack. Kira and Athrun face each other again. Duel Gundam comes between them, then Buster Gundam and Blitz Gundam join in, and the fight descends into utter chaos.
Meanwhile, the preceding Mu’s Moebius conduct a surprise attack on the ZAFT ship Vesalius. Vesalius is caught off guard and is forced to withdraw. But Yzak and Dearka, in their arrogance, continue to attack Kira, ignoring their orders to withdraw. Not yet familiar with combat, Strike Gundam’s energy is drained and the Phase Shift Armor runs out of power in the middle of the battle. Kira falls into crisis.
Then, Aegis Gundam in MA mode grabs Strike Gundam. Athrun tries to take Kira with him to the ZAFT ship. Kira resists but the unit is immobile. But then with Mu’s help, Kira switch the Launcher pack and barely avoid Yzak’s attack.

Out of crisis, the Archangel safely arrives to the asteroid fortress Artemis of the Earth Alliance. However, another crisis awaits….