The Fading Light


Finally the long-awaited rescue comes. There is brief moment of calm in the Archangel. They are to join the advance escort ship Montgomery, Bernard and Law. Fray’s father, Vice Foreign Minister of the Atlantic Federation George Allster, is aboard on Montgomery. However, ZAFT attacks the fleet. The Archangel hurry to the aid in response to the sudden message, but when they arrive they see Aegis Gundam destroying Bernard and Law in the blink of an eye. Kira launches on Strike Gundam when Athrun blocks his way. They start to fight, both refusing to give an inch. The ZAFT ship Vesalius approaches the Montgomery. Fray’s father’s life is in danger.
Fray, witnessing the horrid scene, drags the PLANT Supreme Council Chairman’s daughter Lacus Clyne to the bridge and tries to demand Montgomery’s safety in exchange for her life. However, her attempt was in vain, as Vesalius fires and destroys Montgomery right in front of Fray. Fray’s scream resound on the bridge. Determined, Natarle declares having Lacus as hostage, and Vesalius’ attack ceases.