The Scar of Space


Using ZAFT’s attack, the Archangel was able to escape the fortress Artemis, however, lack of supplies has become an increasingly urgent problem. Mu comes up with a plan and directs the ship to the Debris Belt to forage supplies from wrecked ships. They are shocked to find themselves in the ruins of Junius Seven that was destroyed in the “Bloody Valentine” tragedy.
Rau has returned to the PLANT homeland to appear in court of the Supreme Council and explain the situation regarding the “collapse of Heliopolis.” During the inquiry, Rau and the conspirator PLANT National Defense Chairman Patrick Zala, induce the atmosphere of overthrowing the Natural. In the meantime, Tolle continues to forage in the wreckage of Junius Seven. Watching the drifting ruins of the colony, Tolle and the crew are brought face to face with the brutal reality of war. Kira, who was patrolling the area, encounters a scout GINN. The GINN is heading towards the loading site. To Kira’s dismay, GINN discovers Tolle’s group.
Strike is able to defeat GINN just in time, but the weight of taking another’s life hangs heavily on Kira. And Kira finds a floating escape pod, carrying Lacus Clyne and her robotic Haro toy. The fated encounter takes place.