The Songstress of the Enemy Forces


The passenger of the escape pod rescued in the Debris Belt was a girl and a small robot – Lacus Clyne and Haro. Lacus is the daughter of the current PLANT Supreme Council Chairman, Siegel Clyne. She was investigating in preparation, as the leader of the visiting group, to attend the one-year memorial event of the “Bloody Valentine.” Her innocent character brings a strange calming effect to the tension in Archangel…with the exception of Fray Allster, who feels a visceral dislike towards Coordinators.
Around the same time, Athrun, who was at home during the Vesalius’ repair, is summoned to conduct a search for Lacus Clyne, his fiancé. He was to rescued her and bring her back to PLANT like a hero.
Meanwhile, there is a dispute within the crew of the Archangel as to what to do with Lacus, when they receive a signal from the Alliance’s 8th Fleet and that it’s not too far away. The crew rejoices hearing the good news. Unbeknownst to them, however, the ZAFT ship Vesalius was fast approaching.