A Fleeting Dream


The survivors of the Orb forces from the previous battle have joined the Archangel. Amagi tells Cagalli the last words of Todaka and explains that he and the others came to the Archangel because they want to fight for Orb’s ideals. Kira and the others welcome them.
Meanwhile, the Minerva, after the fierce battle, had to stop for repair and re-supply despite being very close to Gabraltar. Being yelled at by Kira and Saviour Gundam severely damaged, Athrun mopes. Shin is frustrated that he can’t help Stella, and gives Athrun the cold shoulder.
Later, Shin overhears a conversation between Talia and the doctor and is dumbfounded. Stella will die regardless of what is done, and even if she lives, she will be handed over to the homeland and end up a lab rat. He needs to return Stella to the Earth Alliance if he wants to save her. Shin takes Stella out with Rey’s help and contact the Alliance using the IFF code of Gaia Gundam, telling Neo to come get her.
On the coast at dawn, Shin and Neo stand facing each other. Shin asks Neo to promise to take Stella away from war, and hands over her. Shin gives Stella a small shell in a bottle and asks her not to forget him. He runs off, wiping off tears that have run down his cheek.