A New Flag


Lunamaria suffers a deep wound in her heart, but drives that anger into the upcoming battle against LOGOS and immerse herself in adjusting the Impulse Gundam. Athrun and Meyrin’s death weigh heavily on Shin’s conscience and he shares an emotional bond with Lunamaria. Confronted with an ultimatum from Durandal, Heaven’s Base attacked before giving an answer. The spearhead is the newly prepared 5 Destroy Gundams…and Sting pilots one of them. Aboard the Archangel, Athrun regains consciousness. He and Meyrin were rescued by Kisaka. Athrun is happy to see Kira, who was thought to be dead, but he is still too weak to even talk. He goes back to sleep while Cagalli watches over him.
The initial assessment was that the Earth Alliance would stand at advantage, but now the tables have completely turned over. Shin’s Destiny Gundam, Rey’s Legend Gundam, and Lunamaria’s Impulse Gundam have destroyed the looming Destroy Gundams one after another. The remaining Destroy, piloted by Sting, explodes, and a white flag is finally raised in Heaven’s Base. Lord Djibril, however, had already escaped somewhere. Meanwhile, Kira witnesses the defeat of the Earth Alliance and grits his teeth, frustrated at his powerlessness.