Attack the Lohengrin


The Minerva journey with Commander Ruddle of the ZAFT’s Mahamul base through the ravine toward the Lohengrin Gate in Gulnahan. With the help of the local rebel Conille, their objective is to take out the Alliance’s strategic base; a huge positron cannon base that is positioned overlooking the ravine. Athrun takes the command and assigns Shin to do the pivotal part of the mission. Being rebellious, Shin accepts, but when he hears from Conille how the townspeople suffered from the previous failed attack, he pulls himself together.
Finally, the operation starts. Relying only on Conille’s data, Shin’s Core Splendo flies, followed by the Chest Flyer and Leg Flyer, through the pitch black old tunnel. While the Minerva distracts the enemy mobile armor, Shin is to exit the narrow tunnel and approach the cannon base.
As planned, Shin reaches the exit and blasts his way out. He immediately combines with the flyers to form the Impulse Gundam and approach the cannon base that is starting to escape to the underground shelter. Shin uses one of the enemy’s Dagger Ls and throws it into the hole before the shutter closes. The Dagger L explodes and destroys the Lohengrin, setting off a chain of explosions and destroying the entire base.
Shin is cheered by the citizens with gratitude and he feels pleasantly fulfilled.